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County Health Care Guide | Assisted Living | Nursing Home | Home Care in Daytona Beach, FL
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Welcome to the County Health Care Guide. Here you can find a variety of health resources right in your own backyard. Tour senior housing, tour care facilities, find home care or medical supplies, locate therapy services, find social services information, and much more. To begin, select a Category then choose a Region and click SEARCH, It is that easy!

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Improving Your Mental Health and Navigating Medicare
Physical and mental health should be monitored at all ages. Additionally, older adults who suffer from the symptoms of depression may feel they have no recourse. Thankfully, Medicare Part B can help seniors figure out how to take care of costs associated with treatment for mental health issues. Most people are unaware of the mental health services covered by Original Medicare, but that’s why we’ve researched the topic for you. Read More
The Importance of Vision Health for Seniors
Our vision can change quickly as we get older, so staying on top of it is crucial. Here are a few tips on how to make your vision health a priority. Read More
Read Our Blog