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10 Things every Senior Caregiver Loves to Hear

Sun, Sep 03, 2017 at 5:40PM

10 Things every Senior Caregiver Loves to Hear


Do you know someone who cares for a senior family member? Maybe they are so busy balancing life and caregiving, that they have little or no time for themselves. Maybe they are always putting others first, and have a hard time asking for or accepting help. Whatever the situation, saying “let me know if you need something” doesn’t seem quite enough. You truly want to be helpful and make a difference in their life. While every caregiver is unique, here are some helpful phrases sure to give them that extra bit of support and love they need during this season of life.

  1. I am free Saturday morning; I’ll sit in for you while you run errands.
  2. I made a big pot of soup and have way too much, I will drop some by.
  3. I am at the store right now. Send me your list.
  4. My grandson owes me a favor, so I am sending him over to cut your grass tomorrow.
  5. I baked an apple pie and am going to leave it on your front porch tonight.
  6. The grocery delivery service will be bringing a few bags of groceries to your front door at 4:00 today.
  7. I was driving by and left a few books that I thought you would enjoy.
  8. I am taking my dog to the groomers on Wednesday. Let me take yours too.
  9. I made you an appointment at my hairdresser’s, I will be at your house at 2:30 to sit with your mom while you get your hair done.
  10. I am doing laundry today, I can pick yours up and drop it back tomorrow clean.

These simple acts of kindness can help make a big difference in the life of a caregiver!


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