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3 Practical Tips for One-on-One Visits with Seniors

Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 10:20PM

3 Practical Tips for One-on-One Visits with Seniors

 It isn’t always easy to visit an assisted-living facility. Whether difficult emotions get brought up or just simply you aren’t sure what to say during the visit, you are not alone in how you feel. Because regular visits are vital to your loved ones health and well-being, it is important to move forward. Here are 3 practical tips help you as you prepare for your next one-on-one visit.



  1. Personal touches- Greeting a loved one with a warm hug and eye contact is the best way to start the visit off right. You want to position yourself so it is easy for your loved one to look at you at eye level and be aware of your body language. You could be sending nonverbal cues that you are stressed or in a hurry without even saying a word.

2. Change the Scenery- Vary your visits in different locations. Alternate meeting in your loved ones bedroom, common areas, or even a shady bench outside. Keep in mind the time of year and time of day when headed outdoors, especially here in Florida, when the heat and bugs are at their worst. If possible avoid lots of background noise that may be distracting or infer with communication.

3. Bring a Prop- Props can be anything from a piece of fruit that is in season to a new picture from of the grandchildren. Get in a hurry, grab a magazine or newspaper and read it together. Props serve as conversation starters and may help trigger a memory.


Are you ready to mix it up and add a little fun to the next visit? Get some tips from our blog post “Beating Senior Isolation: 10 Fun Activities” on the County Health Care Guide- https://goo.gl/9WeFOi


Stayed tuned to the County Health Care Guide Blog to learn more about assisted-living, senior care, senior placement, and important senior news in Volusia County. From Daytona to Port Orange to New Smyrna, the County Health Care Guide is the only resource you need!

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