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5 Fun Activities when Grandchildren Visit Assisted-Living

Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 8:00AM

5 Fun Activities when Grandchildren Visit Assisted-Living


The transition can be difficult for grandchildren when a grandma or grandpa moves into an assisted-living facility or nursing home. It is challenging at first to find a new normal and create happy memories in a new unfamiliar space. That task can feel a little daunting, but here are some fun activities to make your new home feel just as comfortable to the little ones.



  1. Game Time- Keep a basket of games and toys at the assisted-living facility. “Go Fish” cards, CandyLand, Uno, Legos, craft kits, puzzles, coloring books, dolls- whatever makes your grandchildren happy.


  1. Reading Routine- Pick out a classic, age appropriate chapter book and read one chapter during every visit. If your grandchildren are too little for chapter books, have them bring their favorite picture book to read together. Nothing says home like snuggling up with a good book.


  1. Dress up- Playing dress up is a sure way to get everyone laughing. Mix and match hats, scarves, glasses, and jewelry, then take funny pictures together. Get other seniors involved and this is guaranteed to make their day!


  1. Get Some Fresh Air- Many assisted-living facilities have back porches or outdoor sitting areas. Take the kids outside and get the wiggles out. Collect treasures in a bucket, blow bubbles, bird watch, go on a nature scavenger hunt, have a picnic, draw with sidewalk chalk- the possibilities are endless.


  1. Look through the Albums- Kids love to look at old pictures of their parents and hear stories from the past. Those priceless stories and memories will live on and mean more to them than you will ever know.



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