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Apps to Coordinate Family Caregiving

Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 5:10PM

Apps to Coordinate Family Caregiving


Caregiving can be too much for one family member to take on alone, especially while balancing personal work and household duties. Many families have decided to use the team approach to caregiving to help ease the work load. Team caregiving requires excellent communication skills among family members, as well as a good system for coordinating efforts. It isn’t easy keeping everyone up-to-date on medication schedules, doctor’s appointments, and current health information. If you and your family are struggling to juggle it all, try enlisting the help of your smartphone. There are several apps available to help you manage responsibilities, as well as keep everyone current with important health information. Here are 4 popular apps to help make collaboration between caregivers easier and hopefully alleviate some of the stress that comes with it.


  1. Lotsa Helping Hands- It takes a village, and this app helps you organize that village. The most important feature of this app is its interactive calendar. Family members, friends, and volunteers can sign up to help with various tasks such as meal delivery and transportation to appointments. Family and friends can also schedule visits, and the app will send reminders as the day gets closer. This app also has an announcement board to keep people in the community updated, and a well wishes wall to offer a place to post encouragement and support to the family.


  1. CareZone- This app is especially helpful for record keeping. CareZone can track and record vital health information including sleep, pain, blood pressure, weight, mood, and blood glucose. One key feature is the ability to upload documents and pictures. Family members can have easy access to important documents such as insurance cards, advance directives, and power of attorney forms. The app also allows you to create a detailed medication list by scanning your medicine bottles. It will send reminders to take meds and keep track of what has been taken each day.


  1. CaringBridge- Another great app for coordinating care schedules among larger groups of people. Friends and family can volunteer to assist with daily tasks. One thing unique to this app is its partnership with GoFundMe. Families can set up fundraising to help with medical care costs.


  1. Caring Village- Caring Village refers to itself as a “command center” to help efficiently manage caregiving tasks. With this app, you can communicate with your caregiving team through a wellness journal, daily to-do lists, and an interactive calendar. There is a unique secure messaging feature in which you can send private messages to family members. Similar to other apps you can store important documents and medication lists for easy access anywhere.


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