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Assisted Living Port Orange FL: What to Look For During Your Assisted Living Facility Tour

Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 1:15PM

We’ve made County Health Care Guide to help you and your loved ones through the journey of finding the best place possible for whatever your needs are. While looking for the best assisted living center for your loved one, you will probably tour a few facilities and have a lot of information thrown at you. We have four things to look for in a great assisted living facility while on a tour.

The Facility Itself

What does the facility smell like? Freshly baked goodies maybe taking you back to good memories or a fresh, clean smell? How’s the temperature in the room? Be sure that it is not too cold or too warm as your loved one may not be comfortable in certain temperatures. Are there plenty of windows and room for the residents to enjoy themselves? All of these are signs that the living facility is a positive one.


While on tour ask some of the resident’s questions of how they like the facility and what their favorite thing to do there is. Look at the residents sitting in the common areas in wheelchairs or recliners, do they look comfortable? Is there a fresh beverage available to them at any time? Does your loved one feel like they could call this place home? Have them interact with residents to see if they have things in common or if they have any activities that your loved one enjoys.


This is an important piece of the puzzle in assisted living facilities. How do the staff interact with the residents? Are they paying attention to the residents’ comfort and needs? Ask staff questions. Can they answer the question? If they can’t, can they direct you to someone who can? Are the staff smiling and friendly? This is always important as you want the best possible for your loved one.


Do your research on the assisted living home that you are looking at. Online reviews are for the most part accurate. If there are one or two bad reviews among a significantly higher amount of better reviews, don’t take that as the center is bad. It’s also important to understand that some older reviews (such as 2+ years) may not be accurate due to different management or maintenance. Read what others have to say about the center.


The key to finding the best assisted living facility for your loved one is to do your research, ask questions, and pay attention to what is going on around you while touring. We would suggest reaching out to a local senior placement specialist who has the experience in assisted living, the costs, licensing capabilities of the facilities, and more. These services are completely free for families searching for assisted living for their loved ones. You can find a placement specialist through our search feature. Our final advice would be to trust your gut; you know what is best for your family and loved ones.

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