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Florida: A Top Spot for Seniors

Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 2:05PM

Beaches, resort-style living and near-constant sun are just a few of the factors that make Florida a top spot for seniors. In today’s blog, we are looking at these and a few more perks of retirement or assisted living here in Florida.

Enjoyable weather

At the top of many seniors’ lists for retirement home preferences is pleasant weather—and that’s exactly what they can find here in Florida. Despite summer storms, Florida is the perfect escape for those who desire milder weather and, of course, pleasant winters characterized by sun and warm temperatures.

The allure of Florida’s weather is easy to understand. Not only do pleasant temperatures year round make it easier to have fun and unwind outdoors—they make for a more relaxing living experience. Not having to worry about shoveling snow, for example, is a big positive for those in search of a less stressful life.

A unique community

Florida is, of course, home to a wide variety of distinct groups and cultures. One such group is Florida’s senior population, which happens to be the highest (by percentage) in the country. This is great news for seniors who want to meet others who share their experiences, interests and pastimes. You or your senior loved one will never be hard pressed to find a retirement home, assisted living facility, or community center that’s thriving with activity and social opportunities. For seniors who are moving out of their current home, this provides them with the perfect way to stay active and forge friendships, even if they can’t see their family every day.

Something for everyone

For seniors who are looking for recreational opportunities, or those who want a place to kick back, Florida has something for everyone and every type of interest. This, of course, stems from Florida’s natural diversity. From pristine white beaches to rich, expansive forests and just about everything in between, there is no shortage of landscapes to enjoy here in Florida—and that means no shortage of activities to pursue, too! Whether they love biking, gardening, swimming, golfing—whatever it may be—seniors can find their pastime and more here in the Sunshine State.

No two cities in Florida are the same, and every area and neighborhood has its own unique flair to offer retirees and seniors moving into assisted living. Additionally, there are several different types of resources to take advantage of, from medical help to living arrangements to social programs—and we want to help you find what’s right for you or your senior loved one. Call us today or browse our website to find local resources that meet your needs. We’re always here and happy to help you as you navigate the world of opportunities for senior living.

Florida: A Top Spot for Seniors

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