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Is it Time for Assisted Living? 15 Questions to Help you Decide

Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 12:30AM

Is it Time for Assisted Living? 15 Questions to Help you Decide

The decision to move your senior loved one to an assisted living facility is difficult to say the least. It is important to stay realistic about the senior’s well-being, and to keep your loved one’s overall health and safety the top priorities. It is challenging to know when it is the right time to make the move, but these questions can help you be honest with yourself and better assess your senior loved one's changing needs:

  1. Do you notice changes in your senior loved one’s weight- either loss or gain?
  2. Are they maintaining their usual hygiene routines and physical appearance?
  3. Is your loved one correctly taking their medications and filling prescriptions on time?
  4. Do you observe new bruises or injuries; is your senior trying to cover them up?
  5. Are bills pasts due or do you find piles of unopened mail?
  6. Have you noticed spoiled or old food in the refrigerator?
  7. Are daily chores being neglected, such as laundry, dishes, trash removal?
  8. Do you find items out of place and in strange locations?
  9. Have you witnessed dangerous driving or dents on your senior’s vehicle?
  10. Is your senior loved one staying active with their hobbies and daily life or are they staying isolated at home more than normal?
  11. Do you notice mobility or balance problems- walking down stairs, getting up from a chair, moving from room to room?
  12. Is your senior’s pet being taking care of properly?
  13. Are they remembering appointments and commitments?
  14. Do friends or neighbors tell you that your loved one is acting unusual?
  15. Can your senior operate appliances safely or do they forget to turn appliances such as the stove off?


The bottom line is- look at the big picture and trust your gut to know when it is the right time to make the move to assisted living. Know your limitations as a caregiver and when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The County Health Care Guide is an excellent resource to help you navigate senior housing, assisted living, and placement services here in Volusia County. 

Stayed tuned to the County Health Care Guide Blog to learn more about assisted-living, senior care, senior placement, and important senior news in Volusia County. From Daytona to Port Orange to New Smyrna, the County Health Care Guide is the only resource you need.

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