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Losing a Client in the Right Way

Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 5:00PM

Losing a Client in the Right Way


Thank you Plan Life Care for providing this important information. 

How do you lose a client from the home care agency in the right way? This is a question Plan Life Care faced recently. After all the expectations are that, a senior that needs home care services will continue to need those services. The traditional ways of losing a client, might include going to another agency for service, needing a higher level of services (skilling nursing, assisted living etc.), going to hospital or in the worst scenario passing away. All of these mean to some extend the care failed or could not meet the changing needs of the client.

So instead of focusing on health maintenance or managed decline for home care, why not think about good common-sense health improvement. There is a school of thought in the west, particularly in the USA that health care must be hi-tech and involve lots of cutting edge drugs and technology, to make a real difference. The hi-tech approach has its place with sickness care. But there are tremendous health improvements to be made via common-sense home care. I contend that a good diet, companionship, health coaching, bad habit prevention / modification, medication reminders, assistance going to out-patient appointments and a general helping / caring hand can be extremely effective to compliment all that hi-tech treatment.

This common-sense approach is efficiently delivered by non-skilled home care agencies, such as Plan Life Care. So much cheaper and better than yo-yoing back and forth to hospital / rehab / skilled nursing facilities. The health care industry has a lot of incentives to stop this happening, but still does not effectively utilize home care. 

So, returning to the original point, the client was confused, extremely weak and underweight when released from hospital. He was unable to function by himself, not able to purchase, cook and prepare food. He seemed resigned to fade away. The common-sense approach of good diet, companionship, health coaching, bad habit prevention or modification and general helping / caring hand made all the difference. He is now able to function effectively and feels motived to continue those good habits. Plan Life Care stopped his alcohol consumption, stopped his smoking (via a compromise and re-directed his use to e-cigarettes), he learnt how to shop, store and prepare good healthy food. Moreover, he gained a lot of motivation from seeing common-sense care work. In short, he got the confidence and skills to carry on without home health. That is the best way to lose a client.

I originally got this client from http://www.countyhealthcareguide.com. I highly value their advertising and referrals.

Plan Life Care interviewed this client about his reasons for stopping care, his responses can be viewed on https://www.facebook.com/PlanLifeCare/







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