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Preparing Young Children for an Assisted-Living Visit

Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 9:00AM

Preparing Young Children for an Assisted-Living Visit

As Spring Break approaches, many families will be traveling to Volusia County and making a special trip to visit a family member in assisted-living facilities or nursing homes. These visits are so beneficial to both young and old, it may be a bit daunting for young children who are unfamiliar with the assisted-living environment. Here are some tips to help the visit go smoothly so you can create happy memories with your loved one.


Before the Visit-

  • Plan your visit for a time that is best for your child. Steer clear of meal or nap times if possible.
  • Show your child pictures of your loved one and tell stories to reacquaint them if it has been some time since the last visit
  • Call the assisted- living facility to find out their daily schedule so not come at a busy time.
  • Prepare a care package or special gift for your loved one- photographs, art work, craft are some ideas
  • Discuss things they might see at the assisted-living facility, such as walkers and wheelchairs, and how to be careful around them. Also help them understand the manners that are appropriate for the environment such as using inside voices and respecting private areas.

During the Visit-

  • Join in on activity time at the facility or bring your own activity. Puzzles, favorite books, coloring pages, crafts, and games are great fun for everyone.
  • Find tasks for your child to help with. Kids like to get involved whether it is reading the newspaper aloud or helping to prepare a snack.
  • Provide options to keep your child comfortable. They might not run right up to their great-grandma and sit on her lap, but would rather talk about an art project they made in school.

After the Visit-

  • Talk or draw pictures about the visit. Discuss any concerns or questions they may have. Sometimes it is hard to see a loved one in a new, unfamiliar setting, and it is good to talk about those feelings.


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