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Sample Daily Routine for Seniors

Mon, May 01, 2017 at 2:45PM

Sample Daily Routine for Seniors

 A daily routine is a road map to your day. A consistent schedule is beneficial to both you and your senior loved one. There can be lots of flexibility within your schedule. Be sure to include creative, social, and intellectual activities. Also schedule time for chores, personal care, and rest. Throw in those special treats to liven things up: stop for a smoothie after a doctor’s appointment, take a walk on the beach after dinner, explore new places, go to see a movie, visit friends, attend special events, play with the grandchildren, stay involved with hobbies. Don’t get into a rut, be sure to keep life fun and exciting.



  • Personal care- Brush teeth, wash, get dressed
  • Prepare breakfast and eat
  • Morning activity- take a walk, exercise, do a craft, shop, garden, do chores, visit a friend, go on an outing
  • Quiet break time- read the newspaper, listen to music, enjoy a cup of coffee, nap



  • Prepare lunch and eat
  • Listen to music, watch a movie, do a puzzle
  • Afternoon activity- take a walk, exercise, do a craft, shop, garden, do chores, visit a friend, go on an outing
  • Quiet break time



  • Prepare dinner and eat
  • Clean kitchen and dishes
  • Have a conversation over dessert
  • Play a game, watch tv, do a puzzle
  • Personal care- bath, brush teeth, prepare for bed
  • Read a book


Questions to ask yourself

Does the routine have too much or too little activity?

How does the senior deal with spontaneous activities?

Which type of activities worked the best?

What time of the day does the senior function the best?

What activities do you like to do together?



Caregiver Tips: The goal of a daily schedule is not to pack it full with activity every minute. Prioritize the goals for each day and be flexible. It is also important to schedule in downtime for you too. You need time to recharge your battery!


Daily schedules can bring peace and predictability, which is essential to your senior loved one’s overall health and well-being. To learn more about the benefits read our blog “How a Daily Schedule can Reduce Stress for Seniors”. https://goo.gl/IZQNRn


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