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Special Needs Shelters in Volusia County

Fri, Sep 08, 2017 at 2:50PM

Special Needs Shelters in Volusia County


With Hurricane Irma approaching, it is important we take the necessary precautions to keep our senior loved ones safe. While it is ideal for evacuees to stay with family or friends, many seniors in our community may not have that option. There are 33 shelter locations in Volusia County, but many seniors would benefit from the extra assistance a special needs shelter has to offer. Here is some important information about Special Needs Shelters from Volusia County Emergency Management.


Who should go to a Special Needs Shelter?

A special needs shelter provides assistance and monitoring to physically, mentally, and sensory disabled evacuees, as well as residents that need supplemental oxygen. A special needs shelter cannot provide advanced medical care, and is not for residents that need 24 hour care, including those who need a hospital bed or ventilator. Evacuees need to be accompanied by their caregiver if special assistance is normally needed.


Special Needs Shelter Locations in Volusia County

Palm Terrace Elementary School- 1825 Dunn Ave. Daytona Beach

Atlantic High School- 1250 Reed Canal Road, Port Orange

Creekside Middle School- 6801 Airport Road, Port Orange

Freedom Elementary School- 1395 S. Blue Lake Ave. DeLand

Heritage Middle School- 1001 Parnell Court, Deltona


What to Bring:

  • Bedding- including pillows, sleeping mat, and blankets
  • Clothing for several days ( you may be there up to 72 hours)
  • Medical supplies including oxygen supplies
  • Snacks, special dietary foods, and bottled water
  • Medication- including a written list of current medication
  • Toiletries and first aid kit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Ear plugs
  • Important papers, identification, insurance cards, and cash.
  • Activities to keep busy- cards, books, games
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Other essentials such as eyeglasses, adult diapers, dentures, and hearing aids
  • Do not bring valuables


Transportation to Shelter

All shelters will open at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning in Volusia County. Votran buses will be providing transportation to the special needs shelters in Volusia County. Evacuees will picked up at Votran bus stops, but arrangements for pick up can be made for special needs evacuees. Contact Votran for more information.

Daytona Beach 386-322-5100

West Volusia 386-943-7050

New Smyrna Beach- 386-424-6810


Pet Information

All special need shelters in Volusia County are pet friendly, but you do need to bring your own pet food and supplies. Volusia County Animal Services can help with arrangements. Contact them at 386-248-1790.


For more information please contact the Citizens Information Hotline at 866-345-0345 and visit www.volusia.org/emergency.


Stayed tuned to the County Health Care Guide Blog to learn more about assisted-living, senior care, senior placement, and important senior news in Volusia County. From Daytona to Port Orange to New Smyrna Beach, the County Health Care Guide is the only resource you need.

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