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Take your Summer Workouts to the Pool- Benefits of Water Exercising for Seniors

Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 4:20PM


Senior Citizens are particularly vulnerable to the dangers associated with the rising summer temperatures, but still need to maintain an active lifestyle for their overall health and well-being. Exercising in the pool can the perfect summer solution! Whether you prefer a group water aerobics class or just like to walk laps, the pool can offer all the benefits of physical activity without the heat taking a toll on your body. Here are 5 important benefits that come from taking your workouts to the pool.


Top 5 Benefits of Water Exercising


  1. Strengthen your Heart- Exercising in the water provides all the heart strengthening cardio benefits you would expect from working out on dry land. Aerobic exercises get your heart pumping and blood circulating throughout your body. You also get the added benefit of reducing your weight and your risk for heart disease.


2. Improve Flexibility and Balance- While exercise is vital to maintaining health, there is always the risk for a fall or injury; which can do just the opposite for a senior’s well-being. Exercising in the water is far less risky for seniors, but also helps them maintain the flexibility and balance they need for daily activities. Water exercises can help improve range of motion and keep aging muscles limber.


3. Low Impact on Aging Joints- Experts at the American Council on Exercise state that water makes you feel as though you are 90% lighter. The buoyancy of the water makes this type of exercise very low or no impact, therefore seniors are free to exercise without the stress of gravity pushing down on their joints. This is a big benefit for seniors who suffer from back problems, knee pain, arthritis, or obesity.


4. Tone Muscle- With aging, unfortunately, comes muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. The water provides natural resistance to help regain and preserve muscle tone. The built-in resistance keeps seniors from moving too quickly through exercises and helps build endurance.


5. Improve Brain Health- It has been proven that physical activity is the number one way to protect your body from Alzheimer ’s disease. Exercise improves mood, reduces stress, and keeps you mentally active. Group fitness classes are both mental and socially stimulating which is key to a senior’s well-being.



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Take your Summer Workouts to the Pool- Benefits of Water Exercising for Seniors

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