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The Power of a Visit

Sat, Jul 30, 2016 at 4:50PM

The Power of a Visit

Visiting Mom or Dad (or having them visit you) isn’t just a meaningful way to spend time with one another—it might actually be one of the best tools around for improving your senior loved one’s physical, mental and emotional health. In today’s blog, we are breaking down the true power of a visit with Mom or Dad.

An informal checkup

Even if you’re not a caregiver, we know that you’ll always be concerned for Mom or Dad’s health and wellbeing—it’s only natural! While medical checkups are always important, a visit to your parent’s home or assisted living facility can allow you to see how they’re doing in the meantime. Do they seem like their usual self? Is a new medication causing unusual side effects? Can you spot signs of senior isolation?

We always hope that the answers to these questions will be positive—however, if there ever is cause for concern, your visit might be able to show you what you need to know.

Staving off senior isolation

Senior isolation can happen when your parent is living on their own or even in an assisted living facility. While it’s always good to encourage your parent to get out and spend time with others, sometimes your visit can be just what they need to feel a little less alone.

Physical and mental exercise

If your parent spends long amounts of time alone, they may not be getting the physical or mental exercise they need. Your visit will encourage them to get up, talk about themselves, and perhaps try a new activity that will keep them on their toes.

A show of care

Your visit, above all else, is a show of how much you care for your parent. Even if you can’t make this kind of visit often, your doing so will show that you still love and appreciate your parent despite the distance.

As you can see, these family visits are about more than catching up—they’re ways for you to understand your parent and care for them in even better ways.

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