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Top Reasons Families Delay Assisted-Living Placement

Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 8:55PM

Top Reasons Families Delay Assisted-Living Placement

 Are you Putting off Assisted-Living?

As your senior loved one’s needs increase and caregiver stress escalates, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by this important decision. The process can be both emotionally taxing and time consuming, as you try to balance what your senior family member needs and wants. These are among the most common reasons families delay making the move to assisted-living.


“I Need More Time to Research” The search for the right fit in assisted-living facilities can be quite daunting to say the least.  Navigating websites, visiting facilities, researching ratings, and comparing facilities: the search for the right senior housing is time consuming.

 “I Haven’t had the Right Conversations” The decision to place a senior in assisted-living is often one a caregiver does not make alone. Families want to make decisions together, but such conversations are often painful for many reasons. Acknowledging and planning for a decline in the health of a loved one is necessary, but difficult. Siblings may not easily come to an agreement and preexisting family conflict may hinder the discussion making process.

“I am Worried about the Cost” The average assisted-living facility costs $3,600 per month, which is a significant financial commitment. Families often delay their senior loved ones placement because they are concerned with how the expense will fit within their budget, and want to better understand what is included in terms of amenities and services provided.

“Living at a Distance Makes it Difficult” When family members live far from their senior loved one, there are many challenges that delay the placement process. The logistics involved in picking the right facility and taking necessary steps can be very stressful. Traveling expenses add up and it can be difficult coordinating schedules.

“My Loved One is Not Ready to Move” It is very normal for a senior to be reluctant to move from their home. There are many fears associated with leaving the familiar. Seniors worry about downsizing possessions, relocating pets, and losing independence, and understandably throw up roadblocks for their families.


How to Move Forward?

The most important consideration for moving forward is the well-being of your senior loved one. All the above excuses are very valid, but it comes down to how safe a senior is in their current living situation. Keeping in mind your senior loved one’s health, safety, and happiness, it is important to look practically at the big picture and take the first steps toward getting help. The path to choosing an assisted-living facility is not straightforward, but the County Health Care Guide can help you navigate. Visit our page for a complete list of Senior Placement Specialists and Care Managers in Volusia County.  https://goo.gl/B6X7nX . These specialists will assess the senior’s specific needs and then take you on personalized tours of the assisted- living facilities in Volusia County that best fit your loved one. Placement services take the stress out of the senior housing decision-making process and are even free of charge for families.


Stayed tuned to the County Health Care Guide Blog to learn more about assisted-living, senior care, senior placement, and important senior news in Volusia County. From Daytona to Port Orange to New Smyrna, the County Health Care Guide is the only resource you need.

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