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Turning a Assisted Living Facility into a Home

Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 1:50PM

While an Assisted Living Facility may be the best for your parent in terms of their health and independence, their first few months in a new facility may not quite feel like home. It’s a common issue for seniors who are new to this type of living facility… but fortunately, there are things you and your parent can do to make their new space feel more like a home. Here are just a few:

Family photos

Nothing makes a space feel more like a home than a variety of family photos lining the walls, mantle and shelves. These photos can give your parent’s new space more personality and make it easier to settle in. While they probably already have plenty of their own, it doesn’t hurt to gift them a few new photos as an easy housewarming gift.


Just like photos, family keepsakes like old greeting cards, awards, and small gifts are definitely worth keeping around your parent’s new space. They not only serve as decorations but remind your parent of the people and events they love.

Make room for favorite furniture

While most Assisted Living Facilities will provide at least some basic pieces of furniture, your parent typically can (and should) bring along some of their own. That favorite rocking chair, or their antique dresser, may fit perfectly in their new home and make adjusting a little easier.

Bring along touches of home

More touches of home, such as bedding, curtains, towels, candles, and other smaller items can fit in great in a new living space.

Refer to their new home as a home

One of the most impactful but subtle ways you can help your parent’s Assisted Living Facility feel more like a home? Refer to it as a home! By referring to their new space as their home, you are helping them get used to the idea of living there—on the other hand, if you refer to it as anything else, you can unwittingly make the space feel less and less familiar or comfortable. Encourage your family to do the same!

Keep the “old stuff”

With so many seniors entering into new Assisted Living Facilities every year, there’s bound to be a variety of different reactions and adjustment times. For example, while many seniors will express some sadness or longing for their old home, others will head into their new living space excitedly and eagerly. That’s great! But even if they don’t necessarily want to bring along everything from their old home into their new one, you may want to use your discretion and keep some of their things for them anyway… just in case. Use your garage, attic or a storage facility to do this. Your parent may express a desire for something they left at home a few weeks in, such as a favorite quilt or novel—and you’ll be able to give it to them! 

By following these tips and bringing along familiar touches of home when necessary, you can help make your senior parent’s new living space feel like a true home.

Any number of assisted-living facilities in Daytona Beach are available to answer questions you may have. To find one near you, simply go to our homepage and select Assisted Living/Senior Housing.

Turning a Assisted Living Facility into a Home

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