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World Stroke Day: Top 15 Facts you Should Know

Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 6:35PM

World Stroke Day: Top 15 Facts you Should Know


October 29 is World Stroke Day. It is a day to raise awareness for not only the prevention and treatment for stroke, but also to educate the world on how big of a health concern stroke is. The World Stroke Organization reports that 1 in every 6 people worldwide will have a stroke, yet it is estimated that 75% of Americans under age 45 do not even know the warning signs.


In honor of World Stroke Day, here are 15 surprising statistics from the National Stroke Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


  1. Each year 795,000 people in the US have a stroke, of which 185,000 are reoccurrent
  2. 1 out of 20 deaths in the United States is caused by stroke
  3. Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke in the US
  4. Another name for a stroke is a “brain attack”
  5. 34 billion dollars is spent each year on stroke related expenses including medication, medical care, and lost productivity
  6. Stroke claims the lives of 140,000 Americans each year, making it the 5th leading cause of death
  7. Every 4 minutes someone dies from a stroke
  8. Stroke is the leading cause of disability for adults in the US
  9. Over half of senior stroke survivors have reduced mobility following their stroke
  10. 80% of strokes are preventable
  11. There are 7 million stroke survivors in the United States
  12. Family history increases your risk for stroke
  13. About one third of stroke patients are between age 20 to 64
  14. More women have strokes than men (about 55,000 more each year)
  15. 32,000 brain cells die each second during a stroke


Want to learn more? Visit the National Stroke Association and the CDC to learn more about prevention, important warning signs, and treatment.


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