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First and foremost, we are free to use and free to list on. Anyone can list their health-related services for free but we must approve each one. The information on the County Health Care Guide is a service to the community and we do not ask the public for any personal information nor do we track them. We exist to serve one purpose... To educate and provide health information to the public.

We do not rate businesses, promote them or exclude them from our site. If we find a licensed business we can list them. If we are aware of community outreach programs or resources, we promote them too. However, this does not happen by itself and it takes time and effort to get this done; therefore, we offer subscriptions to businesses, to offset the cost of building and maintaining this valuable resource. If we could do it all for free we would.

Our Community

Be Involved in your Community 

Through ongoing partnerships with your local community health resources, you can help us establish a grassroots educational, health based resource portal which will continue to grow. County Health Care Guide's "Territory Managers" (TMs) are people just like you who are looking to help educate their communities to available health resources while earning a potentially healthy supplemental or primary income.

What are Territory Managers (TMs)? 

Territory Managers are local nurses, social workers, health care marketers, geriatric care managers and other health care providers who are looking to empower their communities while earning an income. Most of the TMs are already plugged into their local communities and the County Health Care Guide can act as a conduit to help their local resources get noticed and promote their business. Remember, this is a community service and as TMs we want to help the community. Although County Health Care Guide will pre-populate your territory with available state or federal data for you, there are local resources that we are not aware of. TMs gather this information and plug it into a simple template on the site as a service to their community.

Help your Local Businesses Noticed 

All TMs receive a starter kit rack cards to share with local businesses, hospital, discharge planners and anyone else who may use the site as a resource or would benefit from being spotlighted on the site. County Health Care Guide is focused on creating real connections and meaningful partnerships between you and your community. The relationships that you forge through these connections ensure that your local business' exposure will grow.

Does Every County have to have a TM? 

The short answer is no. If we receive enough requests from businesses in a county to list their information we can open the territory. However, we do not want to have counties listed on the site that have only limited data. Because of this we encourage, welcome and share profits with TMs. Territory Managers help spread the word, help the gather and enter data and because they know their territories they help ensure there are no obsolete or inappropriate listings on the site.

Can I Earn Money by Helping You Grow? 

Any licensed health related business or other community resources can list their services free of charge on the site. To really be noticed these businesses can spotlight themselves with photos, web links, downloadable brochures, videos, social media and more. Many local businesses cannot afford their own website or are just looking for another way to separate themselves from the competition, a listing on the County Health Care Guide can help meet this need. With annual subscription rates, as low as $249.00/year there is a template for any budget. As a TM, you are able educate your community on the services provided by the County Health Care Guide and in turn you keep 50 - 100% of all profits made from subscriptions within your territory depending on your contribution.

How do I get Started?

To get started or to learn more send an email to support@countyhealthcareguide.com expressing your interest. Please include the state and county which you would like to manage. Please explain in the email why you would like to manage a territory and list any education or experience that you believe would lend itself to making you a great TM. Be sure to visit the listings area of the County Health Care Guide to see the extensive category listings which we have available to you as a TM in your county!


"Thank you so much for the information on ALF's. It helped me find the right place for my mother even though I was 1,000 miles away. " - Diane Shields, Newark, NJ

"Your services has helped Forest Lake get our name out to the right people. You carry a wealth of knowledge and resources. I believe by joining your team we are living in the solution for seniors with all kinds of needs. Thank You, guys Clara." - Clara MacGinnis Daytona Beach, FL

"I want you to know that I love your website and have been referring people in the community (several per week) to this 'Go To' site to find resources! They are giving me positive feedback on the ease of use. Just thought you should know!" - S. Ferguson. RN, MSW, LCSW. New Smyrna Beach, FL

"WOW! Your (website) really helped me navigate through the Medicare system and get my Mom some help. Thank you so much." - Michelle H Cocoa Beach, FL

"I have incorporated your website into my business plan for the future because of their unique ability to serve my Facility on so many different levels. They are my research team, my marketing firm, and my networking professionals all in one. Just a phone call away, they are always quick to respond to any question or need I may have. I appreciate the dedication to my small business given from the team. Owner - Tiffany on the River ALF." - Desiree Culver New Smyrna Beach, FL

"The tours of the nursing homes on the site saved me a lot of leg work and driving. Thank you for the work that you do." - Donald Beninger Port Orange, FL

"The website is the best portal for our community. It compares to a one stop shopping mall that provides for our community members needed information regarding resources that are available from Handy man services to Geriatric management, types of senior housing, Legal assistance. Personally, as an owner of an Assisted Living Facility in Port. Orange. The partnership has improved my business exposure, my time management, and has captured the essence of our facility through the virtual tour. The services offered through the site has definitely improved my business image because I can offer quick accessibility to potential clients." - Colleen Blais Port Orange